The children at GEC are lucky to have access to an open gym space. This open space belongs to Centre Recreatif SMI and is located adjacently to the daycare door. The teachers bring their classes to the gym as often as they please. During the summer time, the frequency goes down since the weather is optimal for the children to be outside. It is during the winter months where the weather is too cold for the children to play outside, that the teachers utilize the gym more often.

While in the gym, the teachers plan activities such as obstacle courses, parachute play, big building blocks, and so much more! It is also a great space to just let the children run and play with friends! Our storage room is filled with many different tools and games that are unique and very interactive. (ex: rolling skateboards, big building blocks, ribbons, big bouncy balls).

GEC also uses the space at Centre Recreatif SMI when we have special events or activities. Some of these include EducaZoo, Grandparents’ Day Bruch, Hello/Goodbye Party, Graduation Day, Halloween Maze.