Garderie Educative Chomedey Inc. is a subsidized private daycare. The daycare is currently 8.70$ / day. If you would like to register your child at our daycare please follow the link below to the website La Place 0-5. You will need to create a profile for your child and will then be able to choose our daycare to put your child on our waiting list.

We welcome you to also visit our daycare before or after putting your child on our waiting list. Please call in advance to make an appointment. You may ask for Sylvia, Stephany or Maria when making an appointment.

Kid painting
Kid playing with blocks

About the daycare

Garderie Educative Chomedey is a recognized private daycare that is subsidized by the government, which values the highest standard of care and learning for every child within our community.

Our educational approach is child centered and values the relationships that are built between the child and everyone in their community. We accommodate every child’s special needs and provide the necessary care that they may require. A daycare is a second home for our staff, children, and parents; therefore it is important to create an environment that cares and supports everyone within it.

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Monday to Friday
7:00am to 6:00pm