Here at GEC, we have monthly themes that teachers base their activities and teachings around every month (not exclusively).

Here are our themes for the year:
Understanding our classroom environment and meeting our friends and teachers
Native Americans, Thanksgiving and Halloween
Family month: invite grandparents or others to read to the children
Holidays and Time of giving
Nutrition, exercise, and health
Winter games and arctic animals
Insects and other animals
Our earth: reduce, reuse, recycle
Flag and cultural month: Invite parents to teach about their culture
June / July
Graduation, summer time outdoors, sprinklers!

With the guidance of the themes of the month, teachers then produce newsletters that go out to parents at the beginning of each month to tell them of what the teacher will be working on in the classroom. Within these newsletters, teachers will be posting which songs they will be singing (so that parents can sing along with their children), which books they will be reading, some science activities to look forward to, and much more! The newsletters are posted on the website, sent by email, and posted in front of each classroom door. It is also a great way for parents to reinforce certain skills that teachers may be working on in the class. (Such as working on dressing themselves, going up and down the stairs, using scissors, etc.)

It is also within these newsletters that parents may see how they can contribute to their child’s learning within the classroom. For example, in January the children explore personal hygiene like brushing your teeth. If a parent is a dentist or a dental hygienist, this would be a great opportunity for them to visit their child’s class to teach them about the subject. Parents are always welcomed in the classroom, even if it is just to read a book and join the class for snack time!