Parents committee

One of the purposes of the parent’s committee is to assist in the progress and maintenance of the daycare. For this to happen, parents and staff must meet regularly once a month. Meetings are held at a time and place that is convenient to the greatest number of parents. Parent Committee meetings are friendly and informal; often refreshments are served and child care is usually available.

Gathering parents and staff together in a nonformal environment allows there to be an open dialogue that fosters new ideas to the daycare. A minimum of five members are elected to form the Parents Committee. (Members must have their child attending the daycare.) From the members elected, there is one Chair person, one vice chair, one secretary, and 2 regular members. More regular members are permitted and encouraged to join. If you can not join, you will always be kept in the loop by our secretary’s minutes that are sent out to all parents by email.

Some of the tasks of the Parent’s Committee may be to work together on community activities, learning objects of the daycare, support for non profit organizations or families, fundraisers for special causes, and creating new ways to involve parents in the lives of their children (Grandparents’ Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)