The daycare has a private Facebook page. This page is used by the staff to upload pictures of the children throughout their day. The teachers try to post everyday, however they sometimes get busy with the children and do not have the hands or time to take pictures of the activities in class. At moments like this, your child’s journal will inform you of how their day went.

Rules of the Group:

  1. Only parents of the children attending daycare the present year will be able to be invited to this page. If your child leaves or graduates the daycare, your name will be removed immediately. You will not be able to share any info on this page. Your friends or family will not be able to access or become “friends” with this page.
  2. The reason we would like to do this is to let the parents see more of our events and special days and sometimes daily activities at the daycare. It will also help with reminders for parents.
  3. No sharing of any kind is accepted on this page (this includes saving and reposting images) If we see that you have done any of this, you will be automatically removed from the page.