Daily Schedule

This daily schedule can be altered due to special activities that teachers may plan for their classroom. However, as long as the weather permits the teachers will adhere to the outdoor/ movement time blocks.

Period18 to 37 months38 to 59 months
8:30-9:00Separating into classesSeparating into classes
9:00-9:30Circle activityCircle activity
9:30-10:15Outdoors / MovementTheme / Arts / Activities
10:15-10:30Wash hands / SnackWash hands / Snack
10:30-11:15Theme / Arts / ActivitiesOutdoors / Movement
11:15-11:45Group discussions / SongsGroup discussions / Songs
12:15-12:30Bathroom / Wash upBathroom / Wash up
15:00-15:45Discovery / Language DevelopmentRole play / Fine motor skills
15:45-16:30Role Play / Fine motor skillsOutdoor creative play
16:30-17:00Outdoor / Creative playDiscovery / Language development
17:00-17:45Free playFree play
17:45-18:00Prepare for departurePrepare for departure